Friday, May 18, 2007

Something's Coming ...!

Here it is ... at long last ... the anxiously awaited appearance of the bud on the previously posted Mystery Plant! I'm going to hold off on identifying it until it opens completely, but for those of you who may have been following the development of this plant, I've dropped more than a few hints that should help if you just can't wait to find out.

Something's coming soon, as you can see arising in the center of the leaves at the top of the central stalk. It's going to be one of the oddest flowers you'll see here, and we've been waiting patiently for over a year now to see it finally appear ...

It's a bulb we planted in the fall of 2005, and though it did come up and put out a good number of leaves last spring, we were disappointed to see it didn't bloom its first year. But this year, it came roaring back (it was fortunate enough to wait until after the cold spell to emerge) and has been growing phenomenally fast since late April.

And now the moment of anticipation is upon us ... we know it's going to bloom and it's a waiting game from here on out, but given this bud hadn't even emerged two days ago and now it's here and huge, we don't think it's going to take much longer! So, I plan on trying to post a daily update from here on out, so I can chronicle its dramatic entrance on the stage here in the garden. I hope you'll follow its progress with us from now until then ...

I know the title of this post is a bit obscure, and if you click the link above, you'll find the Wikipedia entry on its origin. If you'd like to listen to a clip of the song that inspired the title, just click on the following link, which is the title of the song ... Devotion?


Family Man said...

Good morning IVG.

I really like the idea of the updates on the blooming of the plant.

Don't know if it's because of no coffee this morning, but I still don't have any idea of what that plant is called. Even with the hints you gave, it's still a mystery to me. :)

Hope you have a good day and weekend coming up.

olivia said...

LOL FM ... :)

I'm so excited ... I can't wait!

And yes, regular updates are in order.

Puget4 said...

This is going to be amazing for sure. Did you leave hints in Booman? If so, I missed them. But judging from what I read here, this flower is going to be a lalapalooza and very stinky. Anything related to something called a Corpse Plant is going to be an odd one.

I'm looking forward to the updates as well.

I looked at your posts in between the Corpse Plant and this one although I didn't comment on each. They are so beautiful. You are so knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi there FM, Olivia and P4! Glad you folks are interested in this one too... and thx for the kind words, P4! I need to get over to your place more often, but work has really squelched my blog strolls of late.

I'll try to do a daily update with a pic, but so far it's looking pretty much the same, but I expect that will change soon! Stay tuned ....

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