Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Never Fades Away!

At least around this house, something from Halloween always fails to get put away, and the same goes with Christmas ... so I guess you could say that we've always got a bit of the Nightmare Before Christmas (or after) lurking around! So, if you don't mind, I'll be extending the spooky season just a day or two more ... I had considered a commemorative post for el día des los muertos, but didn't get it together in time (sorry Manny!), but I have another overall shot of the Witches and Wolves lair I featured the other night in more detail. Though you can't see the witches' lair in great detail, it's the (last) house on the left, with the stream bisecting the path to the wolves' lair, and finally the country spooky barn and people celebrating.

Though Fernymoss ran out of time to set up the entire Spooky Village this year, I think he did an outstanding job of incorporating our new piece for this year (the wolves' lair) into the overall country themed display. Oh well, so this Halloween wasn't as elaborate and detailed as usual, but due to our overall lack of time I think it did come together pretty well in the end. At least this year we won't be spending two weeks putting everything away! We're vowing (at this point) that we'll bring up the Christmas stuff we're using for the porch display early and storing it there till later (we don't spend much time out there in the fall and winter anyway!)

I hope everyone had a relaxing and (if you're into it) appropriately spooky Halloween! We didn't get around to Baby Jane after all, but I did receive my 10 disc Twin Peaks: the Definitive Gold Box Edition in the mail today! As I mentioned in a previous post, this is the ultimate Peaks fan's wet dream of boxed sets and we can't wait to dig in! It used to be our countdown to Halloween to watch an episode a night, but now it looks like it may be the lead-in to Christmas this year ... What better kind of seasonal time marking than a David Lynch creation?