Friday, May 04, 2007

Daddy Gave Me the Keys ...

This is what happens when Daddy decides to take a break and lets me find the keys to the blog ... it's all about me, Queen Pepa (Approximately), guardian of the garden universe. So, as I keep watch over the domain from my throne on the front porch, please direct all tribute ... biscuits, Beggin Strips, Puperoni and other tasty treats to yours truly ... I'm always hungry and will show my appreciation enthusiastically.

There will probably be more flowers soon here, so come on back .... Dad told me he was thinking about doing something about these blooms, but I forget what they were called, so I'll just give you a quick peek and let him fill in the details later.


olivia said...

LOL! Pepa's blogging now too! And a beautiful bloom you've selected to show us ... hehe

Family Man said...


Queen Pepa looks very regal, or either staring at a food bowl. :)

Looking forward to more pictures.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey FM, good to see you back in action! I'll have to stop by to see what you've got up now that you've apparently recovered from the crash.

No food bowls in sight on the porch, but when she's on her throne she does strike some poses, hehe.

Keep your eye out for more new stuff coming soon ... though I may be sporadic due to being totally swamped at work for most of the month. Just haven't had ideal weather the last few days (rainy again) to be getting the latest stuff. But it's there, and growing so you'll see it soon!