Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lush Woodland View

Continuing with our recent highlights of the Woodland Garden, I thought I'd put this wider shot up just to illustrate how lush and filled in it has become in the past two weeks. There's an amazing amount of growing going on here, and a discerning eye should be able to pick out at least six kinds of plants all sharing this same space. And that's not even counting the ivy which serves as a groundcover as well as climbing up the side of the house.

Though we're expanding and filling in more of the overall Woodland Garden, we don't plan on adding anything more to this particular area (which was the beginning of the whole space) because we're really happy with how everything has come together and formed a distinct garden area. We will be adding more to the right of this area (in the part where the Mystery Plant is), including a few new toad lilies, a Jack in the Pulpit, some Irish and Scottish moss and a few other shade lovers. We've already got several Hellebores planted over there and got a new one to include for this year's addition. We've got a lot of planting to happen soon around here, so we're going to be really busy getting the last of the clean up done, areas weeded, seeds planted and new plants installed.

Oh, and our lawnmower died on us, so time to go get a new one this weekend! So many garden tasks, so little time ....


Glickster said...

For more about Hellebores:

olivia said...

Loving this view IVG ... the ivy is fantastic!