Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Shadowy Runway

Two close up views of the thanatogenous runway for unsuspecting pollinators. I'd hope that you'll agree that the suggestive potential (huh, there's a suggestion here?) of this flower seems virtually unlimited. We can't wait to do more macro exploring of the plant in the following days, since this bloom should be around for at least a couple of weeks .... we'll keep tracking his progress!

Photos courtesy of Fernymoss, taken May 30, 2007


olivia said...

Yep, no suggestion ... it's in your face blatant ... LOL

Anonymous said...



Family Man said...

I forgot what exactly they were calling Olivia's flowers one time, but porn fauna or flowers come to mind. Me thinks this is the samething. :)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey Kansas! Glad to see you stop by and hope you'll become a regular visitor. There's only more to come as things really get rolling out in the garden!

FM, lol.. Olivia never was accused of porn fauna (that would be Andi's turtles)! It actually was a term I can't use because it'll turn up on Google, but She, Dada, NDD and I refer to it these days as Petal Pr0n ... so do the transposition yourself and you'll get what it was. Hehe.

olivia said...

hehe is right ... ;~D