Friday, May 25, 2007

Mystery Plant Update, May 25, 2007

Well folks, it's been a few days since I've provided an update on this plant, and after a good soaking rain the other night, the bud has definitely grown more, plumped up and given sure signs that it is preparing its spectacular show! Fernymoss had the day off today and wanted to try getting some shots in different light than we usually get (morning versus late afternoon) and he did a dandy job of capturing some more interesting details ... the most exciting of which is that flies are now coming around to explore. Now, most people would probably not want flies flocking to their flowers, but for this particular one, they are apparently an essential companion to assure pollination. Though we can't detect any odors coming from it yet, the flies seem to know what they're after and appear to be eager to do their part once the bloom finally opens.

this point, the bud is now over a foot long and has become more "lewd" looking every day (thanks to Olivia for that adjective!). The "stripe" along the edge of the bud is taking on more colour each day, hinting at what it will be revealing in the coming days .... Stay tuned here for more, and when it unfurls fully, you'll be in for a fascinating view of a flower not commonly seen in city gardens ... nor smelled, if all of our resources are correct. It's already causing passersby to stop and wonder what it is ... and we can't wait to hear the What's that smell?! comments it will most likely elicit when it is in full bloom ...!

Photos courtesy of Fernymoss


olivia said...

::giddy laugh::

I'm so excited about this plant.

Fernymoss did a great job w/ the photos too -- great up close detail and the full is a must to see how spectacular this guy is. It's no wonder people are stopping to stare ... lol! I love it ... And yes, flies on the bloom is definitely a positive sign.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

See the most recent update for more details, hehe. I can't wait to see passersby react, and the inevitable cars slowing down as they drive by! I sometimes wonder about the odd reputation we must have with strangers from around the neighborhood, lol. Usually we get real positive comments, but this one may push a few people's buttons with its inevitable stench. Definitely not a flower you see every day around here!