Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mystery Plant II

I posted an earlier photo of this plant a while back, inviting guesses as to what it is, but didn't really have any takers on it. So let's give it another whirl and see if it provokes some more interest this time around!

A few more hints ... it's of Mediterranean origin, has a common name that sounds pretty ferocious and is from a genus of bulbs known not only for their odd flowers, but even stranger scents. This specimen is already twice as big as it got all last season and we're pretty sure it's going to reward us with blooms this year ... and of course, you'll get the picture and the whole descriptive write up then.

If you'd like to see one of its more distant and dramatic cousins, check out this link! This entry is from my dear old grad school alma mater, the UW-Madison, where they have a magnificent specimen!

More to come ....


olivia said...

I cannot wait for this guy to bloom ... oh, the IBs! ;)

Puget4 said...

OMG. I just followed the link to the "cousin" at UW-Madison. Holy Cow! that's something from Star Trek!

Yours is a beautiful plant too. Looks very promising.