Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mystery Plant Update, May 22

This is going to have to be a quick one tonight, with just the most recent down and dirty shots of our friend starting to unfurl its bloom ... this is definitely a bit of change since the last picture I posted, though we're still wondering just how long the process is going to take before it's fully opened.

Notes on the photos:
The first one is a close up detail of the edge of the bud, where you can see the outer layer just starting to peel back ever so slightly ... From looking at photos of the fully open bloom on other sites, I've realized that this will be part of the base when all is said and done. So, unless it starts speeding up soon, this may still take a while.

The second shot is a detail of the base of the flower being hidden by the outer layers ... I've noticed a slight bit of swelling of this part the past couple of days, which makes sense, as this will eventually become the seed pod when it has progressed through more of the bloom cycle.

I really like the degree of texture in this one ... not only can you see the mottled "trunk" of the plant, but you can clearly make out the pale "stripes" at the base of the bud. Without knowing what this plant is, I would really be baffled as to what it could be. But even knowing what's still to come, I have to admit that this is the item in the garden this year that we're anticipating most eagerly, and we're scrutinizing each step of the way!

And finally we have a full view of the entire plant to add some contextual perspective to all these shots ... if you've been following the previous posts, I'm sure you'll notice that the bud itself has begun to lose its totally vertical position and is dropping down slightly, which again makes sense when you know what you're looking for, so again, we're sure it will be coming soon, but how soon is anyone's guess! So, stop by again ... I'll update more frequently as we notice significant changes taking place. We're supposed to be in for a rainy spell the next few days, so I'm wondering if the rain will help to speed things along a bit ... we'll see soon enough!


olivia said...

This is the plant this year ... :) ... and these update photos are exciting! It is definitely unfurling and you're right about the base thickening.

You know that you're going to have to beef up on your bad odour adjectives ... hehe.

Family Man said...

I know I left a post here yesterday, but with blogger you never know.

I love the top picture with the close up. I can see the colors and stripes you were talking about.

I agree with Olivia about the excitement and anticipation. Just keep clicking and keep us guessing. :)