Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ok, who else has a pickle on their tree?

I don't exactly remember when I heard you needed to have a pickle on the tree, but I do know there's a story behind it ... even if I can't remember it now. Of course we have all sorts of fruit on the tree ... along with wine bottles and champagne, but the pickle always seems to command a prominent spot ... So here's our pickle ornament, which, along with some of the others I've posted, came from DIA a couple of years back ... I'm sure those poor schmucks stranded in DIA now don't have anything near as cheery as this one ... I just hope they can get out of that airport and home in time for family celebrations ... the year I got these ornaments it was touch and go as to whether I'd get out of that airport on time, but I made it ultimately....

So, here's our pickle ornament, another one of those made in Poland ones I got at the Discovery Store in the airport ... we like it, and with any luck soon, I can supplement this one with the chili pepper ornament (for you Manny, and Bud too!)

Update: I finished the last of my shopping today at Border's and World Market. So now I'm facing a wrapping crisis session today, along with more cookie baking and candy making! But, not to despair, we are taking a break to finally getting out to see Borat before it leaves town ... then back to elfin duty baking! Today I managed to bake about 7 pans of sugar cookie cutouts and 3 batches of snowball cookies before I had to call it quits ... today? 3 batches of spritz cookies, peanut brittle and almond/pecan toffee... yikes! It's going to be a busy day and night around here ... how are the rest of you coping with the last minute holiday preparations?

I often think I'm the only one who puts himself through this frenzy ... am I alone?


FARfetched said...

We had a Christmas party here that went very well. I took a shot at using my grandmother's recipe for rolls, but that's worth a post in its own right.

Did a little Christmas shopping today, and got a new phone for myself too since my old sucky Moto broke while in The Boy's possession. (He's getting a prepaid phone of his own under the tree.)

olivia said...

I LOVE the pickle! :D

Sounds like you are going to need a vacation to recuperate from your holiday ... :)

I still haven't got the tree decorated, nor the cookies baked. And I'm wrapping right now.

Can't wait to hear your review of Borat.


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey there Far and Olivia!

Sounds like your ornament blogging will be delayed again eh, Olivia! At least you've got stuff wrapped, which is more than I can say for myself ... And we didn't get out to Borat after all ... decided since C has 12/26 off, we'd do it then, due to lack of time and too much to do around here. I will post my thoughts here though, when I've seen it ...

So Far, did I sense a "story in the making" about the rolls? I'll have to keep checking your site to see if that's a post ... I've gotten to the point myself where I don't try too many new recipes, and just concentrate on what I know I can do well, but things involving interesting experiences with dough based breads could be quite humorous. (Btw, been reading those tales of the son, Far ... whoo eee... another reminder why we have dogs!)

Happy holiday to you folks if I don't cross paths w/you before! Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing any cool pics you come up with!

FARfetched said...

Yeah, it's been quite a season... just a few more days, we'll be past New Year's, then we'll have the more serious gifts come out on Three Kings Day (Jan 6), then we'll all be able to settle back into a less crazy routine.

Hey O, enjoy your time off. We'll be waiting for more cool pictures!

Anonymous said...

Mom's family was German & our family has had a pickle on the tree as far back as anyone can remember. The first child to find it gets a present. I have one child - now a teenager - but she still looks forward to finding the pickle.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi there drsharna, thanks for stopping by! And many thanks for the explanation of the pickle tradition ... it all makes sense now! We'll have to try that out next year (even though we'll know where it is) with our holiday guests and get the tradition going here (even though no German blood in me, we have it on the other side of the house). Thanks again, and hope you had a wonderful holiday!

baby sister said...

so, "hide the pickle" isn't just somethig guys made up?