Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beginning the March of the Critters

And our last post of the evening is one of a series of animal ornaments we found at Pier One several years ago ... this one is of course the Camel. We also have a Horse and a couple of Elephants like this one ... we like the style ... sort of chi-chi primitive, with the extra feature of a little bell on the bottom. Since they're basically unbreakable, we put these (and other like ornaments) on the lower branches of the tree, where things are often knocked off by an enthusiastic wagging tail ... plus the bell also helps to alert us if the pups are getting too close for comfort. Though the dogs are remarkably good around the tree and don't generally bother anything, their enthusiasm sometimes does make us cringe when they get too close.

Some of the other critters yet to come ... a penguin, a peacock, lion and zebra balls ... and then there are the fruits and veggies ... lots of em! So come back soon for those as we continue to catalogue the multitude of details from this year's tree ....

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