Sunday, December 17, 2006

Golden Swirls and Purple Egg

Again, another couple of recent acquisitions from the last few years .... the first is one of the many egg type ornaments that we think are meant to evoke those famous Fabergé eggs of yesteryear, though these were obviously much cheaper or they wouldn't be hanging on our tree! They come in man colors and all have a really jewel like look that we really like ... this is actually one we got this year, as this shade of purple wasn't available last year. There's an incredible amount of detail work on these ornaments, and I can't imagine how painstaking that kind of work must be, but hats off to the workers who produce such beautiful examples!

The second one here is part of a set we must have gotten at least five years ago ... just ordinary, yet sparkly, basic balls we got from Target .... but they do add a lot of flash wherever we put them, and help complete the all but the kitchen sink aspect of our tree decorating style. What's not to like about these two?

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