Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of Pink Flamingos and Cuckoo Clocks

I'll start tonight by posting a couple of other recent finds, including my precious flamingo ... and this one is spurred by just having seen about the last hour of Pink Flamingos. And if you've never seen that particular John Waters film, well put it on your list of twisted treats to find one day ... But if you're really intent on having a John Waters Holiday, you might want to get this one first ... it's probably my all-time favorite Waters film (and I rave about almost all of them!) But Female Trouble really does have a direct holiday connection involving an overturned tree that has to be seen to be believed. There's even a heart warming rendition of Silent Night ... But I digress!

Here are the goods: The Pink Flamingo I got last year (woo hoo! 50% off sale!) and though it's still not my ideal flamingo ornament, it'll do. The cuckoo clock I got the same time as the JRT I posted last night ... thanks DIA Discovery Store clearance! There's also an assortment of various art glass balls we've been collecting the past couple of years ...more to come ...

Oh, and if you really want to celebrate the season in the properly trashy way as only John Waters can do it, you might want to check out this holiday CD!

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