Monday, December 25, 2006

Doggie Bone Blogging

I think the title says it all ... here are three really enthralled and happy dogs working on the brand new bones Santa Dog brought them today, and which they are currently, obsessively gnawing away at in the living room.

They were all very good pups this year (even Andy!) so Santa Dog was very generous with them, bringing them Puperoni galore, various biscuits and Scooby Snacks, T-bone snacks, and host of other delectable doggie treats ... in addition to new toys... Pepa got a stuffed cow, a barball toy, Rolly got a rope ring with a ball, and Andy (ironically enough) a stuffed pig squeaky toy ... all of which they have been enjoying all day, along with the mounds of wrapping paper serving as nest space!

They were and remain some of the best dogs in the world and we feel very fortunate that they share our lives and bring so much love and joy to the house! I know my life would feel empty and incomplete if we didn't have them with us and we hope to spend many future Christmases together!

From the top:
Pepa and Andy getting down to business (rear view of Rolly!)
Pepa gnawing away to her heart's content ...
Rolly concentrating hard on getting the last of the "nasty bits" off the bone


olivia said...

Hmmm ... thought I left a comment here earlier, but it's not here ... oh well. :)

Love to see the furry loves enjoying their Christmas presents! That first photo is great w/ all three of them. :)

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