Sunday, December 17, 2006

Atmospheric Views

I thought I'd post a couple of the more atmospheric views of portions of the tree, even if the focus isn't ideal, we liked the effect of "haze" and the light play in these two shots.

The first shot is of our cardinal with her nest, an old ornament that I got from my sister a few years ago when she was clearing out a lot of decorations from years past. Given how long my sister hadn't been using this particular ornament, I would guess that it's at least about 25 years old, if not older. It was a part of a trash and treasure trove decorations she just left here one day with the instructions to either use them or just pitch them ... we kept almost everything and there's a real range of items ... from flocked plastic mice (yes!), to miniature furniture and assorted other oddities ... one of which is a bizarre flying Snoopy with antlers and a goat beard, something else I need to get a shot of to post here ... it's an ornament so strange that we usually leave it up most of the year. More on him later ...

The second shot is,the seahorse and his surrounding glittery neighbors ... I hope you enjoy the play of the lights and shadow in these shots ... some more "perfected" ones will follow.

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