Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too Funny ...

It seems that much has been made of ABC News' recent acquisition of those videos taken during Wal Mart company functions and board meetings. Apparently Wal Mart contracted with the company to make these videos dating from the 1970s to 2006, when Wal Mart unexpectedtly severed their contract with the company (based in Kansas). Now, ABC News has posted several of them online and is making quite the splash with this little coup. Karma's a vengeful bitch, eh?

Now, in a deliciously ironic turn of events, Flagler Productions (producers of the videos) has put the entire library of videos up for sale ... And of course, Wal Mart is none too happy about this. It appears the range of the videos is vast ... from prancing employees in drag, to Sam Walton's admission about the company's failure to fairly promote women (for which they are currently defendants in a class action suit), to video of Hillary Clinton's time on the Wal Mart Board of Directors, when she was curiously silent about their Union Busting tactics during her tenure on the Board and as the then Arkansas Governor's First Lady. Yes, this is the same "champion of rights for the working person" Hillary Clinton currently running for president. (See video of HRC here.)

When Corporate Hypocrisy comes to America and runs for President it will be dressed in a pantsuit purchased at Wal Mart. (Apologies to Sinclair Lewis, whether he really said this or not.)


olivia said...

Oh my ... I hadn't heard about this!!! Whoa ... :)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Yeah, and it ruins a perfectly funny Christmas themed song we heard a lot last season on XM! I really wonder what some of those other tapes have on them after that little 'fashion show!' *shuddering*

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