Monday, April 14, 2008

Siberian Squill

I've been grousing and fretting a lot lately because I've just not been seeing the Squill yet, though I knew they'd be popping up eventually ... I've just been impatient I guess ... and with the chilly weather of the past week or so with its drizzle, rain, snow and general dreariness I wanted my Spring Blues! So here's to the first of this year's Siberian Squill, captured so naturally and stunningly by Fernymoss on 13 April, 2008.

This little clump seems to have migrated a bit from a larger colony in the same area, as I can't recall planting any near the tulips in this particular spot, though they are naturalized nearby. That's another really nice feature about these early little charmers ... they tend to spread and move around any sunny area where they're planted. Given enough time, they establish themselves in beautiful drifts of blue and though they naturalize readily (and happily!) they are never aggressive and I can't imagine anyone but the harshest flower hater not wanting as many s/he can get in the garden or lawn, whichever may be the case. It'll be a long time before we ever consider them beyond capacity!


olivia said...

Yay IVG! So glad you've found them growing! And a really great photo by FMoss ... the framing is perfect. :)

boran2 said...

I've had a squill growing indoors for more than a decade. It is truly one of the hardiest plants I've had. It flowers often but the blooms are far smaller and in bunches. I'll have to post a photo sometime.

The Siberian is a beauty.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi there O, B2! We're thrilled that it looks like they are naturalizing a bit more this year as well, so that's a great sign!

Curious as to what you have B2 ... I've never known these to grow indoors unless forced, and then generally such bulbs don't bloom again. These guys are best outside (only way we grow 'em)we think where they have room to colonize.

I got the new McClure Zimmerman advance bulb catalogue today (link in list at right) and we're already making a list ... it starts with 2-3 Dragon Arums, some more Camassia (Quamash), more arums, more snowdrops, more crocus ... Yikes. I feel like I've already spent a fortune and we haven't even placed an order yet! lol... check out their selection... quite impressive for a little outfit up in WI...