Saturday, April 05, 2008

Snow Crocus, Indeed!

As the saying goes, What a difference a day makes! These shots of our purple "Giant" crocus in the bulb bed out front were taken late afternoon yesterday and today ... under obviously different weather and light conditions! What a difference, indeed ...

Yesterday we got about 1.5 in of snow (not counting the rain and sleet earlier) and these trusty, hardy crocus were keeping the shop closed for the day ... who could blame them? But bring out the sun on a warm day (it got up to 59) and it's a wholly different world among the crocus, and a lot brighter too!

I took the top shot at about 5:15 (CDT), just after work when the sun came out in earnest (after appearing off and on during the day) and I had to take the new S700 out for another spin. I was really pleased with most of the shots I got, many of which will soon be appearing here ... I can see I've still got a ton of learning to do with this camera! The S700 has a lot of what Fuji calls "scene positions" geared toward certain subjects and lighting conditions, as well as an automatic super macro setting. I'm going to experiment, of course, but I think I may end up using this setting a lot ....

Fernymoss took the other two shots yesterday at about 5:45 (CDT), just as the day's snow was beginning to melt already. The second shot not only centers on the rich purple of the crocus, but also provides a good perspective of the (original) bulb bed out front. The third gives us a slightly closer view and really draws attention to the water droplets and snow.

Now I'm really beginning to get excited about the arrival of the flowers, as well as the new S700, which you can be sure will be getting lots of use as the seasons progress. (We'll see where my learning curve has gone by fall!)

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