Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lunch at the Coreopsis Counter

Not a lot of commentary necessary for this shot I got this afternoon, is there? I wasn't exactly sure what I was going for when I first saw this little praying mantis on the coreopsis, but I knew I needed to get a few examples to figure it out! Upon closer inspection, it became even clearer that I had interrupted this little guy's lunch and it almost looks like he's giving me a dirty look to the effect of Back off buddy this is mine! (Make sure to view the enlarged version to get this degree of detail.)

It's that first nasty blast of July upon us right now ... sunny, hot, dry and perpetually in need of rain, of which there's nary a mention in the forecast until early next week. But I also did manage to get some other good photos today, including some wasps dining at the Sea Holly lunch counter as well. So, others you'll be seeing in the next few days include more gorgeous Calendulas, Liatris and Zebrina Mallow flowers ... I noticed as well that one of the hibiscus out front is just loaded with buds, so those can't be too far off either! Yay.


FARfetched said...

Yeah, the mantis *does* look rather annoyed at the intrusion, doesn't he? Kind of surprising; they tend to be rather friendly here. One even laid her eggs on my porch way back when.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I suppose if I had those kind of eyes I might be a bit peeved at the sight of a (to him) huge camera lense up close and personal. We don't usually see mantises around here, so this was a real fortuitous surprise for me. It was a very insect-y day around here yesterday and I also got some good wasp shots too... coming soon here.

olivia said...

Just lost another comment ... sigh.


The first - and second - comments were about the great capture and the eyeballs. Like you IVG, I don't often see praying mantis and would consider it a wonderful surprise to photograph one.

Great job!

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