Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stick a Fork in Her, She's Well Overdone ...

When the likes of Chuck Todd (MSNBC electoral numbers guru extraordinaire) and Potato Head Russert say it's over, it's over. The mainstream media has now turned on you. (Whether that's fair or not is a good subject for debate.) Go away, Hillary. Your entitlement has evaporated, not that it was ever there to begin with ... not to mention that you campaigned arrogantly on your "inevitability" in Iowa.

You should have taken the hint on January 3, and in subsequent races, say those runs of wins for Obama in February? Give it up. Quit trying to foment civil war in the Democratic party and surrender your ego gracefully. You and Bill have turned former Clinton defenders and supporters (like myself) into people who absolutely loathe you both now. That's quite a legacy you leave behind. I went from being "Ok, if she gets the nomination, I'll hold my nose to vote for her," to "There's no way I can vote for her because we might as well elect a Republican, since she's one in every way but name." My current position rests that should she manage to steal the nomination from Obama, I will still vote. Not for her, not for McSame, but for Obama as a write-in. Then I'll proceed to vote for the down ticket races, trying to ignore the devastating damage she has (as presumed a Democrat as Joe LIEberman) wrought upon the Democratic party. When you have the likes of Rush Limbaugh urging people to vote for you, that says a lot. Sure, the Republicans want to run against her, but the fact remains that she is closer to their thinking than traditional Democratic values. That she's willing to appropriate a John (MSM teflon) McSame talking point vis-à-vis this stupid "gas tax holiday" is just shameful. Just change your party affiliation, Hillary and join LIEberman on the endangered species list. You and Bill are not fooling us anymore, you seek power for the sake of power, and consider yourselves entitled to swap the Bush-Clinton dynasty now and then. Enough already. Take your Crown Royal, go home, drink up and leave it to Obama to steer this country out of the morass in which we currently find ourselves. Hell, here are four aspirins and a piece of cheese to alleviate the hangover. That's as generous as I can be to you at this point.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

While I am not quite as strongly against the Clintons as you are, I think it is time she quit and lets heal the Democratic party so we can get the Republicans out of the white house and maybe just maybe common everyday people will have a chance again. Bully Bush has absolutely been the worse thing that has happened to this country in my 59 years!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi IGW ... Sorry if I sounded a bit too ferocious here, but that truly has been my trajectory with her this year, and it has been really painful and embarrassing to watch her transform into the candidate she is now. That's not how Democrats should behave in my opinion and besides she now appears intent on taking the whole Party down with her when she has her inevitable meltdown, tantrum or whatever it is when Reality hits her square in the face. I just hope she regains enough sense to go quietly, with dignity and musters up just a tiny bit of class. Enough ranting though, back to the flowers!!

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