Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dragon Arum Countdown

Since Fernymoss was out and about with the camera the other day, I thought I'd post another update on the Dragon Arum before it gets much bigger! He took this shot on Tuesday 6 May as the leaves were starting to unfurl in earnest, and wow it's moving fast to put on size this year! All four of the new shoots are leafing out (even the smallest one, which is rather hard to see in this shot), and at the rate it has been growing, it might well bloom about the same time this year (with any luck).

Tradition has it that Peonies should bloom on Memorial Day Weekend and last year they were right on time ... along with the Dragon Arum! What an odd combo to have in bloom, near each other at the same time ... the wonderful fragrance of Peonies, and the well, not so pretty stench of the Dragon Arum. Come to think of it though, aside from the first couple of days, we didn't really notice the smell too much ... or maybe the Peonies just overcompensated and overpowered it! In any case, I'll keep popping the occasional update here in anticipation of the big day ... so if you're interested, do come back!

Here's something fun (I hope) you can do with this photo ... there are four clearly visible other plants (not counting the sickly tulips in the foreground) in the proximity of the Arum, toward the back. See if you can identify some of them and let me know what you find!

A short note on posting this week ... I'm currently finishing up a big project for work, and may miss a day or so, but I've got lots more saved up to post when I have a little more time again. I've got a few drafts saved, so depending on how tired I am the next few days, I may still end up making some quick posts.


FARfetched said...

Fun stuff!

Blogger has a "scheduled post" feature, so if you have time now but won't later, you can post-date your posts & they'll come up automatically. That's what I've been doing this week with my stuff. (photos at 7)

boran2 said...

IVG, You're gonna need one of those 24 hour webcams for the dragon arum. ;-)

Maybe it's my monitor but I can't identify any of those plants. I thought that I saw some ivy but maybe not.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Yep FAR, been using the scheduled post thingie a bunch this week. Nice and handy and seems reliable so far.

B2, let me give you some hints (yes, you did see ivy, we have it all over out there as ground cover and it's going up the side of the house to) ... Anyway, look at the enlarged version and you can see Trilliums, Leatherwood ferns, maidenhair ferns, a hellebore or two and sea holly... Points for trying! Now if you can tell me where those are, hehe!

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