Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dragon Arum Update!

Here's a quick update on the progress of the Dragon Arum I posted here recently ... We were initially mistaken when I announced that there were three spears coming up this year, and as we discovered last week, there are now four! We doubt that all four will produce blooms, but we're hopeful that at least the two biggest ones will bloom this year. It's hard to tell at this point, but we're definitely encouraged that it does seem to be spreading a bit!

If things go like they did last year (the disastrous one), this should be blooming right around the time the Peonies are ... creating an odd confluence of stench from one (the Arum) and sweetness from the other (the Peonies) ... As all other indications from 2008 have been so far, who knows what we can expect this year!

One thing's for sure, the Arum in our garden is a floral super delegate for Obama! As much as we miss John Edwards ... AT LEAST, we can throw our support and votes to Ed Fallon, to defeat the tired, old, and fat Bluedog Democrat Leonard Boswell here in my district. If you're in the district, vote for Ed in the primary on June 3!! It's time for a sea change in Washington, and we can act to help bring this about and start cleaning house of the Bush enablers and get on to the task of building a more progressive majority!


FARfetched said...

Let's hope the next Congress is more progressive. As well as the next prez. We'll be totally ska-rewed if we can't get this ship of state turned around.

Dang. I need to see where Daughter Dearest put the camera… I have a pic or two of the sage blooming. It looks really pretty, covered in little iris-like flowers. But I also need to post pix of her in her prom dress. So much to do! :-)

boran2 said...

You'll have to post a photo of the arum when it blooms. I don't think that I've ever seen these before.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey FAR, definitely get some macros of those sage blooms! They're really much more intricate than a first glance would suggest. I'm afraid ours has gotten engulfed by some renegade yarrow and weeds along our back fence, but maybe we can get that cleared out so it will do better this year.

B2, I take it you missed last year's first show, but you can see it in either the May/June 2007 archives, or better yet, just go ahead a page or so and look at the first emergence post I put up a week or so ago. You'll be surprised what this turns into! hehe

olivia said...

Hey there IVG, FAR, b2!

I'm so excited that there are 4 ... cannot wait to see what adventures Mr Arum has this season.

b2 - I agree w/ IVG ... it's fun to watch it transform when don't know what to expect!