Monday, December 17, 2007

Tired Pups and Humans ...

And when the humans were done adorning the tree (well, at least temporarily), the dogs rested. Too much activity and getting shooed out of the way in the process, I suppose. It's going to be harder now that we're going to start to put things under it ... including a trip to Petco this week to get their holiday treats. Wait for the Christmas morning pics of their unwrapping of the goodies!

I went shopping for a few hours today and it damn near did me in ... I'm glad I'm almost done with this for this year! We're scaling back (like many, it seems) this year, so I think that's a relief of some sorts. Hedging against the economic storm that seems poised to hit in 2008 ... We're planning on going low key this year. Turkey breast and good food on Christmas Eve, some good champagne and a muted whoop ti doo on the big day.

I think the times call for it, with the Caucuses barely 2 days after New Year's! On January 4, we can start answering the phone again ...


FARfetched said...

LOL, that's what caller ID is for!

Instead of shopping on weekends, schedule a vacation/personal day next year on a Monday. I did that; it was the best idea I had all year.

I also agree that economic ugliness is about to ensue. I have backup plans in the hopper that I hope to not use. Hey, it's about seed time, isn't it? I have one basil still thriving indoors; it's even ready to trim back a bit. I guess I'll make a small batch of pesto; Daughter Dearest was asking for some. Now that's one way to give the finger to winter!

olivia said...

Morning IVG, FAR.

LOL, the pups sure look cuddly! Dare I ask ... Andy?

Sounds like you're pulling it all together IVG. And good thing too, as it's coming fast now. Especially w/ the weather, you can't tell if you're going to lose some time if it gets icy again.

Btw, I can't believe all the actors in Twin Peaks that I recognize ... :D (Loving it, btw! At times hilarious and guffaw-worthy, and others has me gasping and covering my eyes ... :)

Family Man said...

Hi IVG, FAR and Olivia.

I was going to say tell the pups to make room for me in the middle, but with both their butts pointing that way, I had second thoughts. :)

As I said in the previous post, the tree is looking very good. I still haven't gotten any decorations up, but there's still hope.

boran2 said...

Hi IVG. I love the photo. I'm glad to be done with shopping. We to cut back a bit.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey FAR, I remember I still owe you seeds! Winter hit so fast here I didn't get a chance to collect everything I wanted to send you but I have some earmarked and they will arrive probably sometime after the caucuses. I'd say you can sow them anytime the ground is cold ... just need to focus on that!

As for shopping, I did probably 75% of it online this year and glad I did. I ordered from a local store and got it w/in 3 days and no trip to the mall, so that was a plus. And FSM bless Amazon, hehe. I usually only have one occasion I can go shopping with my sister (w/out Fernymoss around) each year, so have to make the most of it, but hobbling around on ice was no fun this year. Not to mention a very unpleasant bitch I ran into at World Market ... I was ready to go home in an hour!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

LOL Olivia! Andy has been behaving much better and being more lovable of late ... he just didn't have room up there to lounge w/the big dogs!

I'm trying to get it together despite the work and fatigue ... and I did ask for Friday off so I could bake cookies and make candy so I should come in under the wire! Now, if those gifts would wrap themselves! LOL

I'm so tickled you've delved into Twin Peaks! It was truly an original and groundbreaking series with a lot of great talent involved (not to mention Lynch himself!). Sounds like you're gonna beat us to the finish, but it's your first time and I'm envious, because I've seen it so many times I can't put myself back in that "uninitiated" mindset again... it's more like an old familiar and savored wine for me. And that's a good thing!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

LOL, FM! Yeah, there are times when you don't want to be on the receiving end of Queen Pepa (approximately), if you know what I mean, hehe.

Get your assesito in gear there and get some holiday bling blink up around the place! Buy George a Santa hat, get Cat some Depends and treat them all to some goodies. (I recommend Puperoni for George to get him going!)

Just between you and me though, I recommend a video rental for you (which I KNOW you'll find there) ... Bad Santa ... don't watch it with FMom, but have a nice beer and chuckle away with Billy Bob ... the f-bomb factor is high, but it's a hilarious and ultimately heart tugging (I won't go as far as warming!) conclusion

That film could only have been made during the Chimp Régime, I swear.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey there Boran! Nice to see you stopping by ... and thx about the pic of the pups. We both agreed about wanting to go slimmer on the gifts and stuff this year, which is probably good since we came home to a non-functional furnace again today. I think we can probably get a band aid fix on it for maybe this year, but looks like not much longer, according to the repair guy last time. Not sure where that's gonna come from but we can't do w/out out here in winter schlubyoulandia!

FARfetched said...

Wow, you're just not getting a break much lately, are you? Swamped at work, busted furnace… tell ya what, take your time with the seeds. They'll get here when they get here. You have bigger fish to fry.

Off to check out the first ornament pic. I think I'll have to share these with Mrs. Fetched. Or maybe not, she'll want to go shopping again!