Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ornament Blogging: Flying By the Moon

I guess it's past time to get the ornament blogging going here, since we're still snow covered, icy, and as of today when I got home, heat free. The furnace is acting up again and hopefully it can be fixed again this time though we know a new one is on the horizon sometime in the next year or so ....

Anyway, this is Fernymoss' tree topper extravaganza, complete with the witch and the blue moon ... our usual toppers who cede the way to more traditional things to come below ... such as the following. You know, things like architecture from countries like such as.*
Actually there's a lot going on in this shot, but the highlights are obviously the infamous Tour Effel, and if you look closely, you'll the see the wine bottle not too far off. Birds of some sort have always been a constant on our trees, and you'll see some more soon as we get more individual shots taken of them. Fernymoss has been trying to get a lot of shots in ambient light, but with varying degrees of success, and frankly, though the flash gives better definition it does zap the colour of the lights. We're going to keep experimenting though and if anything good comes out you'll be seeing it here soon!

Oh yeah! I was at World Market yesterday and found a lovely little red dragon I just had to get for Fernymoss (after all they were 50% off!) He'll definitely be appearing here sooner or later!

*(And if you get that reference, you've been paying attention to Countdown and other YouTube type places for your teen airhead updates on vacuousness. I'm sure she's just a delightful girl in person, LOL. Like totally!)


Family Man said...

Morning IVG.

I love the witch and the blue moon. It seems Halloween never leaves even during Christmas. :)

I also like traditions during Christmas, and it seems like you and Fernymoss have started your own with the ornaments. Good for you!

Good luck with the furnace. Hopefully it will hold out for another year.

Take care.

FARfetched said...

Yup, showing these shots to Mrs. Fetched could be hazardous to my wallet.... :-)

olivia said...

LOL ... yep, got the reference ... :-)

I love seeing your tree blogging. You have such fantastic ornaments!

I hope you've got the heat fixed. Brrrrrrrrrr ... esp with all that ice!