Monday, December 24, 2007

More World Ornament Blogging: the Critters

Before I fade any further, here are two more of our animal themed ornaments, respectively the camel and the elephant. We keep these toward the bottom of the tree (thus the exposed presents!) to warn us when the dogs are too close for comfort (notice the bells).

These shots show almost all of the presents under the tree, minus those I have for Fernamoss (which I have still to wrap!), so they show we're almost all the way there for this year....

I love the camel in the first shot, and the great sparkle Fernymoss got in this shot, as the view below doggie eye level. The elephant is also one of my favourite shots we got tonight, with its colourful background with warning bell ...

There's still more to cram under the tree, though necessarily, we'll have to put the pups' treats up high tomorrow night, so that Santa Dog can keep them safe before they can dig into them on Christmas. They're getting lots of yummy stuff, including Pig Ears, Ham Bones and assorted treats for being (pretty) good dogs this year... we doubt they're going to complain! And it's really fun to watch them unwrap the bones on Christmas morning ... pics to follow!


dada said...

merry christmas!


Family Man said...

Merry Christmas IVG and Fernymoss!

I hope ya'll have a wondrous holiday.

FARfetched said...

That star in the top pic sure is pretty, too.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Merry Whatever You're Having Guys!
(Or Merry Christmas! if you prefer)

All is quiet in the house now after the last few insanely busy days of whe? Let's see, furnace crisis, scads of cookie baking and candy making (finally coated the Almond Toffee just a little while ago), and wrapping in garden variety frenzy.

Whew ... Roasting a turkey breast and making some peas and stuffing with shrimp cocktails seems like a breeze now! hehe

Now we just have to whip up the goodie plates, but that can wait. I'd love to lie down for a long winter's nap, but it's not over yet!

Here's hoping you, too, have a great holiday and spend it peacefully too. There's plenty of challenge ahead, my friends.

Just 9 days until caucus? Have you made up your f-in minds yet folks? BTW, I'm probably going to see Edwards next Sat. Talked to their folks and well connected (finally) through the caucus!

Keep appropriate appendages crossed!