Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year's Toast to All!

Well here we are ... the night of the big Countdown, and there's no Keith Olbermann to help us through it! I hope he's having a great time, wherever he is ....

And here's a big virtual champagne fountain for all of you (you know who you are!) who grace the pages of this humble blog!

It's a quiet, cold and as usual, snowy night here at Casa IVG, as we count down not only to the New Year, but also the infamous Iowa Caucuses in a mere three days! Look for a couple of posts on that subject soon, and I'll be sure to post Caucus night experiences on Thursday, so stop back.

Hope everyone has a delightful evening! We're about to start our noshing here and will be firing up the movies a bit later (see previous post for details on those).

So ... have at the champagne ... it won't give you a hangover and the best thing about this stuff is, it never runs out!


olivia said...


That is perfect! (And I didn't peek at flickr, either ... :)

I hope you and Fernymoss and the pups are having a fine night! Best wishes for the New Year ... {{{hugs}}}!

IowaVictoryGardener said...

Bonne nouvelle année, Olivia!

We had a very nice, quiet evening watching movies and snacking ... just finished our 1 bottle of Segura Viudas Spanish champagne and Woody's Stardust Memories after starting out with Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, so I guess that counts for a cross continental mini film fest of sorts. Relaxing, warm and cozy and nothing outrageous (I have work to do today, blechh) but we did make noise and toast at midnight! Yes, I'll even pause a Woody Allen film for that!