Monday, August 07, 2006

One more for Olivia ...

Because you know why, and thanks for being such a kind and supportive friend and fellow traveler!

I fully expect you will find room for Kopper King in your garden when you do the big re-design! Pictures don't begin to describe how beautiful these are ... and hardy and tough! Just like my dear friend in Ottawa who has coaxed the Pink outta me, LOL.

And then... there's Convolvulus "Blue Ensign" to think about for next year!

I know, the pics are reversed, but I'm sure you won't mind.... So, enjoy, and I'll be talking sports again very soon! And those who know me, know very well it won't be about NASCAR or anything like that!



Family Man said...

A cornucopia of IVG in one day! Wow be still my heart. :)

Great to see you're feeling better IVG and I love the flowers and tomato, Uhmmm tomato.

olivia said...

I will definitely work the Kopper King into the design ... they are amazing! And of course, those convolvulus are pretty spectacular in their own right! I'm glad that've you've embraced some pinkness ... just like you've introduced me to some very unique and wonderful plants that I can't wait to try my hand at. If you lived closer IVG, I'd be hanging out at your house every day taking pictures -- just imagine! -- you'd get so sick of me LOL ...

Your garden is a wonder ... :)