Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June is for Delphiniums

Blogger ate my previous, more coherent post. This is foreplay.

Eyegasm follows.

I'll have more to say when I figure out why blogger played pendejo with me tonight.

Sorry for the lack of cogent commentary. I will ressurrect it very soon!

Oh, and by the way, this sexy thang is called Delphinium elatum "Magic Fountains: Dark Blue With White Bee." More on that later when I get over being blogger-hazed.


Man Eegee said...

heh, pendejo. heh again.

Vibrant colours, IVG, WOW!!! Sorry you're having to wrestle with blogger, it is an ongoing battle but at least it's free! :)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I love pendejo, and call myself one on occasion! I'll get this damn thing figured out one way or another. And I thank you and O and dada for your kind words of support and wisdom in this domain.

I did have such a great lead in, I'll re-work it and get it up soon, I hope. Otherwise I'll just post pics, but I won't be satisfied. Just keep watching as I learn, amigo mío. Now go zonk out with Bud... I can hear Pepa snoring in the next room....

olivia said...

Beautiful photos IVG ... definitely eyegasm LOL. I'm sorry you're having blogger probs. We'll get it figured out.

Family Man said...

Those are beautiful IVG.

Sorry you're having problems with blogger. It's just the first step and you'll find walking becoming easier as you go. :)

You've got me hooked now, so keep that posting going.

AndiF said...

Such pretty flowers -- maybe I should plant some of those around here since I'm sure the deer would appreciate having food that's already mouth-high.

Danny said...

Really nice pictures. They are so majestic. Do you have to stake them? We have mixed Pacific variety down here in OZ. Pink, blue, lavender and white. Do you put your seed in the fridge for 30 days or so before you plant? That's what my local seed merchant suggests but maybe it is cold enough over there already. From a fellow gardener down under. Keep digging.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Well howdy there Danny! Thx for dropping by.

Yes, unfortunately I do have to stake them, which I talked about in the post that got eaten. I'll get that post back if I have to reconstruct it, which I think I will. I haven't tried chilling the seed, nor have I seen that recommended here, but it makes sense. I'm going to try the rest of the seed I have still this summer, and will let you know how it comes out.

There will be lots more delphs to come, and the Sea Holly is about to bloom, and that is one unusual plant!

Stop by again soon!

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