Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Berlin

I'm sure by now just about everyone has heard (or seen soundbites) the stirring and sweeping speech that Barack Obama delivered today to an enthusiastic crowd estimated at over 200,000 in Berlin. I watched several of MSNBC's programs tonight, who had extended (endless) chattering about the speech (Chris Matthews was especially nauseating tonight), but very few real excerpts that provided the larger context of the speech.

Fortunately, MSNBC has posted the entire unedited video of the speech here, and for those interested, I really recommend you watch it in its entirety (it's about 25 min long).
The MSNBC version is very high quality, and you only have to suffer through a 30 second commercial before it begins. If Youtube is more your style, you can see it there as well, but the people posting it have broken it down into three videos.

This is what a real president looks like. This is how a real president speaks. This is how a real president strives to be a true uniter, not only for us, but the world at large. This is the moment....

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