Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here in Iowa, there's nothing quite like the Morel season in late April, early May ... depending on the year, they might be plentiful or they might be scarce ... but one thing is sure, they tend to appear in that in between time from early spring to early May. Prized by those who appreciate and savor their earthy flavors, they are a much sought commodity around these parts come this time of year. If you can find them at the local grocery store, you can expect to pay between $20-25 a pound for these short-lived delicacies. And if you're even luckier, you might just find them yourself on an afternoon trek through the timber on a warmish day in the mid to upper 70's. Though maddeningly elusive when hunting them in their habitat, Morels are an immensely rewarding find, and generally, once you've found one or two, you quickly see more ... But, great irony of hunting, the harder you look for them, the less likely you are to find them.

However, when you can successfully nab them (as C did today during an excursion in an undisclosed location), there's nothing quite like the excitement preceding their inevitable rendez-vous with the frying pan, some bread crumbs and a lot of butter.

Morels are legendary around these parts, and there are almost as many ways to eat them as there are recommendations to find them ... but if you're lucky enough to find them fresh and intact, there's little doubt that the true afficionados will soon be enjoying them as we will today. And by the time most may have read this post, they will likely be consumed .... Time to go hunting for more!

Update: 4-29-07 9:20 p.m.
What remains of these delectable morsels ... these photos ... They were damn tasty though! Wish Morel season came more often and lasted longer ... but that's what makes these brief visitors so prized ... they come quickly and leave as soon, not to return until the following year (if we're lucky).

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olivia said...

Yum! I haven't had morels in a long time ... we used to go hunting for them where I grew up ... and neighbours would stop by w/ some if they happened to come across a large find. :)

Glad you were able to get some pix before they disappeared ... hehe :)