Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Inner Bits for Olivia: Giant Crocus Edition

And finally, some long-promised inner crocus bits for my dear gardening cohort in Ottawa Olivia, who has been having a few bunny issues with her crocus thus far this spring.

Though these lovely giant Dutch crocus have since departed the scene due to excessive rains and winds, they did put on a delightful show a week or so ago in the front gardens ... And though they don't last as long as the snow crocus do, the giants are truly wonderful to see thrusting their bold flowers forth when their time arrives!

So here's to Olivia ... winter can't last that much longer, and with a Bunnyvac 6000 brought on site, you may yet see the crocus grace your garden! Well, at least we can wish and dream for that, can't we?


olivia said...

Good morning IVG! :-)

Beautiful, bright spring flowers. I'm so excited to see your gardening awakening after a long winter.

Yes, your lovely photos may be as close as I get to crocus IBs this year thanks to the plump menace ... too bad the bunnyvac6000 isn't real ... hehe, would love to have Grommit over to visit ... :D

Family Man said...

Hi IVG and Olivia.

Great pictures IVG. Olivia there really is something like the bunnyvac6000. I was watching Discovery Channel and they had a guy on there that vacuumed prairie dogs out of their holes to relocate them.

I'll be looking forward to some more pictures IVG and maybe some little IVG pictures. :)

FARfetched said...

Pretty! IVG, isn't crocus one of those flowers that needs something approaching a real winter to do well?

As far as the plump menace goes, I still think a live trap would be the way to go.

olivia said...

Really FM? Now that is very interesting ... :D

Family Man said...

Hey Olivia here's a link about the vacuum.

Family Man said...

I don't know how it did it, but you need to click on the date and time to go to the page. :(