Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday Bits for Olivia ...

Just because I'm a space case and rarely remember birthdays (and assiduously avoid my own!), here's a nice bit of inner bits for my good gardening friend Olivia, who just recently avoided a birthday.

From the archives ... 30 July, 2006 (umm, my birthday, prime Leo I am) ... here's an interestingly crumpled looking shot of Hibiscus moscheutos "Kopper King" --- inner bits on full display! This is the plant in our back garden we've named "Olivia," in honor of our Canadian contingent in the gardening clan.

Kopper King is a magnificent Hibiscus Moscheutos hybrid with wonderful bronzy foliage reminiscent of a maple ... and the flowers speak for themselves! Amazing ... same easy upkeep as other Moscheutos varieties ... what could be easier?

Anyway ... sorry about spacing it out Olivia! Just think... it's warming up and soon the last of the winter funk will dissipate!


olivia said...

S'okay toots. I wasn't having the best day on Friday, a bit curmudgeonly I was. Having a cheery Kopper King to start the week is a very nice present. :D

FARfetched said...

Nice shot!

And hi O... late b-day hugs to ya!

Family Man said...

Great inner bits IVG. Who could ask for a better B'day present to cheer them up.