Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Late Night Lobata

No, it's not another brain operation or a fad dance, just more of my new favorite vine, Mina Lobata. Regular visitors will recognize this showy member of the Convolvulaceae family from earlier posts, but it was especially spectacular yesterday, so I had to try for more shots of it ....

I especially like the view of the old maple in the background, as it reminds me of the grumpy apple trees in The Wizard of Oz. There's just not enough I can say about this plant .... I love it!

I think I saw some beginnings of seed pods yesterday on the earlier blooms, so I'm hoping that the weather holds out long enough to let them mature so we can collect them for next year.

I'm still working on the perfect shot of these blooms while I can, but even if I don't get it just yet, I think these examples show it off to great effect. If you're interested in planting this unusual member of the Convolvulaceae family, see my previous posts for more tips.

Oh, and NDD, I'm working on collecting those seeds for you and Ms. NDD. If we get some from this, I'll include them as well ....

And to any other readers out there who are interested in things they've seen here over the past summer, just let me know in the comments and I may be able to accommodate requests. Remember, gardening is all about sharing as I like to say, and our mentor Frank says .....That's good enough for me!


NorthDakotaDemocrat said...

Hey, IVG, this Late Night Lobata looks great to me. It'll be real fun to have some of your exotic seeds to plant. We're looking forward to that time.

I better get some sleep or I'll feel like I've had a Late Night Lobata-me! ha!

I like the size of the print you used here on this one, much easier for me to read.

olivia said...

Hi NDD and IVG. I agree w/ NDD ... you introduced us to a number of great plants all of which have something wonderful to set them apart. Regarding the Mina Lobata, I like how full/bushy the greenery is ... good for covering a trellis ... and of course the unique shape and colour of the flowers. Can you cut the flower stems to bring inside? They look like they are protruding from the plant quite a bit.

And you're right about the tree in the bkgrd. :)

Family Man said...

I agree with both NDD and Olivia. :)