Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween is nearly here!

The most wonderful time of the year ... at least we think so. And we decorate for the occasion in high spirit as well ... so that's the theme for the next few days ... letting you all know what it looks like around here once the flowers have pretty much expired and the beds become a nice stand in for a graveyard.

We have first, our porch witch denizen, Grizelda, who haunts the porch casting spells with her demons and ghosts in tow ... you'll see more of her soon as well.

Then there are Bucky and LeVorpse, the two garden corpses who show up this time of year, just in time to impress and scare the trick or treaters ... LeVorpse even lights up! Though you can't see his feet here, they are pushing up from the ground.

We'll be getting more pictures taken tomorrow and Tuesday to post here, but these will make a nice teaser of the front porch/garden display for now.

We had our annual Halloween bash last night and it was a smaller, quieter affair this year than in some years, but was great nonetheless to get together with like-minded ghouls who like hanging out in a spooky atmosphere.

Coming soon (tonight or tomorrow) ... pics of our costumes, and the dogs in costumes as well!


olivia said...

Can't wait!

Man Eegee said...

I love Halloween, it's definitely proof that the summer fires of hell are over around these parts. Great use of the garden as it does dormant for awhile. Can't wait to see Pepa's look in her costume :)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Thanks for hauntering by for a bit Olivia and Manee! Definitely stop by tomorrow night for more gharish, ghoulish goings on. We should have pics of the whole display, more detail and of course the long-promised costumes.

And ... pics of the Spookytown Village ... our enthusiastic nod to Halloween kitsch!