Monday, October 02, 2006

Eye of Toad Lily

This is really just a teaser of things to come soon ... Our toad lilies have just begun blooming around here ... a bit later than usual, but we're not worried, as they will be around till a hard frost.

I'll have more on growing them soon, but for the time being, I'll let you feast your eyes on this orchid like veteran of the late-summer, early-fall bloom season.

A true shade lover who require little more than to be planted in a fairly most position, Tricyrtis hirta, v. Amethestina, is a reliable and tough plant for dazzling late season interest.

Stay tuned for more soon ... I promise we'll get better pics to show it off in its best light!


olivia said...

It does look like an orchid!! I love them ... so strange looking w/ all those spots ... :)

Family Man said...

I thought it was an orchid when I first looked. It's really very pretty.

FARfetched said...

Me too (orchid). That would be a good one to toss into the tiger lilies as an accent. Or something.