Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bloggered ... Again!

Ok, this confirms it ... Blogger is messing with me big time tonight. I just took at look at what it had done with the previous post, and now the comments are missing. I checked my settings and comments are enabled, but apparently not working at present. Sorry about that, and I hope it will just miraculously fix itself sometime during the night.

Enjoy the flowers anyway, and as always, I love hearing from readers, so when they reappear, let me know what you think. One other thing ... if you're not already doing this, you can view much larger versions of the photos by either clicking on the photo or (what I prefer, since I use Firefox) right click and open the photo link in a new tab. This way you won't miss any of the detail from the larger version. If you don't use Firefox yet, you should really consider making the move ... it's vastly superior to MSIE, stable, and very user friendly and customizable. Go to Mozilla to see more and download it if you haven't already!


FARfetched said...

Maybe it's fixed now?

I need to type something up.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey FAR,
What was weird is that I checked after I published this post to make sure it actually did and it had a comment link below, but no link on the previous one.

I see both have comment links today, but that wasn't the only weird thing it was doing last night ... wouldn't let me use the insert pic in compose mode, kept messing with the size of fonts and went into a perpetual hang when it tried to autosave. Hopefully the blogger gremlins have moved on now.

Family Man said...

IVG I would have sworn I left a comment here yesterday. Anyway I agree with you about Firefox. I just upgraded to 3.0. Haven't had any problems so far.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi again FM!
I've been holding off on Firefox 3.0 since I've read (a while back) that it wasn't quite "ready for primetime" but maybe now I should go for it. Automatic updates hasn't told me to do it yet, so maybe I'll wait a bit longer. It does sound quite improved, though. Question: are you running the Linux or Windows version?