Sunday, February 17, 2008

Of Leather and Sleeping Dogs ...

Constant flux in our living room configuration is now again at play at Casa IVG. In fact the whole house is in flux, as my job is going to a virtual office, so I have to be set up at home to do everything I did in the office ... it's been a bit daunting and I'm nowhere near done or happy with the space at present. But it's progressing --hey we have a wireless network set up now, even though it's incomplete one computer for a few days more-- and another week or so, it should be in more than workable shape.

So, what did I have to go out and do? The second picture explains that quite well without words.

Some of our nicest
pieces of furniture have come from World Market (dining table, a CD cabinet and the media armoire and the other leather recliner 'Bruno.') ... so this recent sale was a bit hard to resist, seeing that we needed a new good chair anyway. (You might remember the other flux time when we were getting rid of all the old hand me down furniture ... we're not done yet and that loveseat is soon history!) Anyway, this new one -- 'Tosca,' companion to good old 'Bruno' that I got a few years ago -- is a fantastically comfy recliner, well worth its sale price.

Now, I know some people drop by to see the occasional shots of the dogs (usually snoozing these days), so the first picture is probably of greater interest ... Pepa took an almost immediate liking to the piece of foam packing material and proceeded to claim it for the night, snoozing happily. As always it's difficult to catch her in her absolute cutest moments (the camera's never handy!), this one shows pretty well how she and Rolly spent most of their Saturday night.

Oh yeah, another 6" of snow and some ice and slush came in overnight, so that's how Fernymoss spent most of the day digging us out of the latest big snow. So here we are again, with over a foot of snow cover ... don't think we'll see the snowdrops much before March now unless things warm up drastically, which is certainly not in the short term forecast. Nor the crocus ... nor the squill ... we're done with this winter! I guess it's still not done with us ....


Family Man said...


So you'll be home now instead of freezing at the office? That's good news!

Peppa and Rolly look cute as can be and comfortable too. :)

The new chair looks good too. The first new couch and chair I bought I hardly let anyone sit on them or the dogs at that time. Since I've been here, all the nieces and nephews have sort of had their way with them. I'm almost to the point of instead of buying new, I'm thinking of having these recovered.

Enjoy the snow!

olivia said...

Hi IVG, hi FM.

Love the leather chair. FM's right, you won't have to freeze in the cube anymore! And you get to use your own washroom (public washrooms are disgusting!) ... :) and you get to use your own kitchen (public kitchens used by those who use public washrooms are even worse!) ... :)

Hope you're all staying as cozy as Ms Pepa and Rolly look!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey there FM and Olivia!
Hope you're holding up well despite the bad weather on all sides! FM, I was thinking of you yesterday when I saw about those tornadoes down your way ... hope they didn't get anywhere near your place.

Yep Olivia, no more popsicubicle, though I do keep the temp down during the day (I don't mind wearing a sweater, though Fernymoss complains it's too cold, lol.)

About washrooms and kitchens, lol... ours wouldn't pass any glove tests right, but I know what you mean! :-)

Family Man said...

Thanks for thinking of us IVG. The tornadoes were well to the East of us. I saw on the news where AL averages 26 tornadoes a year and we've already had 16, and the tornado season hasn't even start here yet.