Monday, June 04, 2007

Intrepid Fly

Just a bit of reminiscing of the glory days (all 4 of em!) of the Dragon arum bloom. This shot was taken the first day, when the flies were swarming it and going all gaga over its delectable aroma. As you've seen in the previous post, it doesn't quite look this way today, but I really liked the perspective Fernymoss got here on the whole "runway" aspect of the bloom (and yes, it was cropped to make it look this way). To my biased eye, it looks a lot like a Dalí landscape with a solitary figure (and there are many of those) or perhaps some isolated frame from an early Buñuel film... but that's just the innate surrealist in me, and for others, it may evoke very little ... though the other thing that occurred to me was some cryptic shot from The Twilight Zone where a lonely figure gets caught between light and dark. Either way, this fly looks on to his destination with a bit of trepidation I think ... hard to say if he made it all the way, but we sure hope so.

We want to see that weird seed pod/cob that it is prone to producing ... when/if it happens, you'll see it first here!

Photo courtesy of Fernymoss, edited by IVG, taken May 30, 2007.


Family Man said...

Very nice picture IVG and I see the parallel with Dali.

olivia said...

LOL! I love this one -- especially the large view. Looks like he's about to embark on a journey ... and he's steeling himself up for it. LOL!

I think you should post the arum pix even though the bloom has faded. And definitely want to see the current view too.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi there FM and Olivia... couldn't resist cropping this shot just right to fit my own surrealist conception of it, hehe. Glad you liked it!

Olivia, just for you, toots, I have some bonus arum from 6/4 to post, so check back later.

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