Sunday, June 03, 2007

Flaming Inner Poppy Bits

This morning, I thought I'd put another quick example of the Papaver orientalis inner bits up just to show another view of just how colourful and complex these short-lived blooms are in the garden. Though the focus isn't perfect in this shot, what really wowed me about this particular picture is how the petals look like a virtual wall of flames behind the landing pad in the foreground. The only thing that could have improved this one is if Fernymoss had been able to capture a bee at work on the pollen, but as any photographer of flower details can attest, the ideal shot comes but rarely in the real world. (Unless your name happens to be Olivia!) And much as with the enterprise of gardening itself, some days you just have to content yourself with what you have at hand in a given season, which in itself is a powerful creator of memories ... signposts along a natural cycle that with careful observation, imprints itself in one's mind.

Photo courtesy of Fernymoss, taken May 30, 2007

Postscript: The Ottawa Senators won 5-3 tonight in Anaheim against the Ducks! (Who could root for a team called the Ducks totally escapes my comprehension...) They're back in the running for the Stanley Cup and let's hope the Sens can come from behind! I know it would mean a great deal to a lot of Canadians in Ottawa to reclaim the Cup after some 80 years. Best of luck to the Sens on Tuesday!!


Family Man said...


Wonderful picture and a real eye opener in the morning. Congrats to Fernymoss on taking that. Very good job.

I'm glad and Sens won. I know of at least one Ottawan that's happy. :)

olivia said...

Wall of flames ... yep, that is amazing ... and I know how much you like these bright colours. :)

These big poppies are out in full profusion now in the public garden. It's amazing that their semi-slender stems can hold such heavy pollen-laden IBs ...

I'm skipping and giggling all day today, that's for sure ... :D woo hoo!

olivia said...

oh ... and now we can see what kind of gardening weather you've got --->

... hehe weather nerd ... ;-)

FARfetched said...

Welcome to Hell's Helipad. :-)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Howdy folks ... amazingly enough, this poppy survived all that rain recently but is on the decline now ... such fleeting beauties, eh?

Yes, I'm a weather nerd. I just wish the real weather guys would relent and give me my secret decoder ring already!

LOL Far... hellpad eh? Not sure what would be landing there, but it would be interesting to see!