Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meltdowns Make Me Long For Crocus!

Finally, at long last, we're getting a much needed respite from winter's cold and snow the past few days ... Today we even had some light rain (though thunderstorms were predicted) and the temperature made it all the way up to 60F ... I even opened the window in my office to let in the cool, fresh air! Just what I needed after this bout with the flu over the past two weeks, and when the sun actually came out this afternoon, it had an even more salutory effect on my winter weary mood, and set me to anticipating the imminent arrival of the spring bulbs! Though only the hardiest of the hardy might dare show themselves this early (Snowdrops, where are you?), it won't be that long before life starts stirring again in the beds and parking out front as the crocus and other early spring bloomers awaken from their long winter's nap under the snow pack, which, happily is receding more and more with each warmish day we experience....
Though we both have our favorites among the early bloomers, I have to admit that I've always had a real soft spot for crocus ever since I was a child when I marveled at seeing these bright messengers of spring pop up in various places in my parents' yard and garden. When we first started planting bulbs back in fall 1999, a nice assortment of Snow Crocus was among our first purchases (along with Siberian Squill and Snowdrops), and we've continued to plant hundreds more over the past ten years, and last year we added yet another 300 or so to our already burgeoning collection, so I'm eagerly awaiting their appearance this Spring. Since I didn't actually help with last fall's planting (Fernymoss did all the work this time), I'm not quite sure where exactly they will pop up, so that will add even more to the surprise and delight of seeing these cheerful little gems emerge from their winter hibernation....

Though these photos are from last spring (April alas, due to the very late malingering winter we had last year), they are just a few of the representatives of the dozens of varieties we have planted, and the one in the first photo is one of our "Giant Dutch" varieties, the name of which escapes me at the moment, but it's a lovely one I always enjoy seeing bloom!

These diminutive beauties are from a particularly delightful Snow Crocus mix we originally got from Van Bourgondien Bulbs, and we liked this mix so much that we ordered yet another collection of 100 of exactly the same last fall, so there will be even more of them coming up soon. Another thing I love so much about these Snow Crocus (in particular) is that they naturalize quite quickly and it's not unusual for them to double or triple in number in the first 2-3 years after planting, so much so that eventually we hope to achieve large drifts of them around the beds and parking where we have them planted ... can you imagine anything more delightful than that? Well, Fernymoss might differ with me and say he'd rather see huge drifts of Siberian Squill, but they're doing well enough on their own that they're already on their way to achieving that goal!
Being fortunate enough to capture the sun permeating the petals of these lovelies can produce a really beautiful effect, as the previous photo demonstrates quite well (I think!), revealing the rich depths and variations of color that you can find within a single bloom ... and with the many variations of color available in Crocus, painting a veritable rainbow across the garden is something easily within the reach of any gardener so inclined and willing to take the time to purchase and plant them. And, as far as planting bulbs is concerned, Crocus are among the easiest: they are small (about the size of a penny or dime) so they don't have to go down very deep and the motivated gardener can easily plant quite a few in one session, just using the ubiquitous garden trowel. The work is richly rewarded when one has reached the breaking point with wintery weather doldrums and the first few truly sunny and warm days of Spring arrive, they start springing from the ground almost in bloom even before the foliage is fully developed!
By now, I'm sure you've noticed the particular color theme in these photos revealing my penchant for the purple varieties, though I'm almost as fond of the astonishing range of brilliant yellows Crocus also offer and it won't be long before you'll be seeing them on these pages as well. I guess I was just in a purple mood tonight as I perused my archives looking for representative photos.... As the weather moderates more, I'll be outside looking for signs of their emergence, though the forecast for the rest of the week has us experiencing one more nice day (today), then we'll be back to more seasonal norms in the 30's. After all, it is just the beginning of February and we may still have more snows in store, but even if the Crocus do emerge, they can take a fair amount of cold and snowy abuse, so we'll see what the next few weeks bring!

At this point I'm sure some of you are wondering where Hanna is and why she hasn't appeared in this post (something she's probably asking herself as well!) so here's a bonus puppy picture for the dog inclined among you ... so here she is from a couple of weeks back, when I caught her posing and staring intently into the dining room where Fernymoss was undoubtedly doing something absolutely fascinating ... but then just about anything seems fascinating to Hanna at this point, which is one of the joys of puppyhood I had long forgotten, but am enjoying so much again since her arrival at Casa IVG.
There's something truly rejuvenating about sharing in the puppy's experience of a new environment and world ... for me, as cheesy as it might seem to say, it has helped reawaken my inner child's sense of wonder and opened up new perspectives for me yet again, thanks to Hanna's perpetual discovery of yet another new thing in her world. For example, just this past weekend while I was working away in my office, I had the window open and she heard a plane go over and really sat up to attention wondering what that might be ... I realized that what passes as totally banal for me, was yet another source of wonder for her as she explores the new world she's living in. And when I took her out several times today, I think she's just as (or more) relieved to see the snow recede ... now she doesn't have to worry about getting lost (literally) up to her elbows in the drifts of snow! I think she really appreciates that, but to know for sure, you'd have to ask her yourself!


Dog_geek said...

Ah, I just *love* crocuses. Unfortunately, so do the rabbits. I planted hundreds of them a few years ago, and most years all I get to see of them are what's left after they have been nibbled off at ground level.

And Hannah is a doll. L loves it when airplanes fly low over our yard - he runs across the field, leaping up and trying to snatch them out of the air. So far, he hasn't come very close.

FARfetched said...

Hanna says: "I smell… FOOD!"

I'm seeing annuals in the garden sections of the big stores now. Won't be long, fer shure!

Good to hear you're feeling better, too…

Gail said...

I'm with you I really like the purple crocus...with an occasional white onr to throw you off! Hannah is a treasure...I am glad she found you two. Everyone is happier.


boran2 said...

The cycle of spring will begin again soon, and I look forward to seeing the crocus again. I'll have to get a photo of our scraggly blooms when they show up.

Hanna is looking very content.

Entangled said...

I'm a big fan of the purple snow crocuses too. It shouldn't be long before they're in bloom here; the first golden ones just opened up yesterday. Hoping to see more pictures when yours are in bloom!

Shady Gardener said...

IVG, Love your photos... I can hardly wait to see the result of all your bulb-planting!!! Give Hanna a Valentine's love pat! :-)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Dog Geek,
Lots of people say the rabbits eat their crocus and tulips but for some curious reason they leave ours alone! Not that we don't have the bunnies (we do!) but somehow we get lucky and always have a nice show.

Hanna says thanks for the compliment ... she tries her best to always being working the "cute factor." :-)

Our dear Rolly used to chase planes across the yard and bark at them too... he never managed to get one either!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey FAR,
You know, you may be right... there probably was some food going on out there!

Too early to think about annuals here, not even pansies or violas ... you're in a whole 'nother world down there in Planet Georgia!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Gail,
We have some white ones mixed in as well ... I'll have to look for a few shots, as well as the yellows. I looked today for any signs of life coming up out front but not much stirring. The primroses look like green mush and there are no bulbs poking up yet!

Glad you like Hanna ... I think we're all happy that she came to stay with us! We are much happier since her arrival (in case you couldn't tell!)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey B2,
Please do post pics of your crocus when they bloom! I expect you're in about the same boat as us weather wise (or worse) so I guess neither of us can get too impatient just yet!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Entangled, and thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Oasis!

I'm envious your crocus have started already! I stopped by your blog and saw your photos (you already had snowdrops!) ... we have a bunch of those golden crocus as well ... aren't they fantastic?

Do stop by again, but I suspect your bulbs will be done when ours finally get going! So you can enjoy them twice. :-)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Shady!
Thanks... and just wait for the bulbs to get going! We're hoping some of our "departed" tulips come back this year, but we're not too hopeful, but we'll see! We also put in a bunch of new fritillarias and alliums and Camassia so we're excited to see how those turn out!

Don't worry, Hanna will be getting lots of Valentine's loving! (And before, and after too.. lol)

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