Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet the New Member of the IVG Pack!

As you regular readers know all too well by now, we lost our beloved Pepa and Rolly back in early December, and ever since, the house has seemed so empty, lifeless and devoid of energy or much joy ... at first we vowed we'd wait until at least Spring before we thought about adopting another dog, but we were sure we wanted her to be at least part terrier. A couple of weeks ago, just out of curiosity I started looking at adoptable dogs on the Petfinder website, The local Animal Rescue league, and a few other sites ... then I stumbled one night upon Hanna's web page, sponsored by T.A.R.A, a Kansas City based rescue organization. It was love at first sight, at least for me ... so I rounded up Fernymoss and had him come up and take a look at her ... He liked her immediately, just based on her web page and we talked a bit about maybe asking for more information about her. He went to bed early that night, and I thought to myself, I'm smitten enough by this little girl, I should at least fill out an application to adopt her and see what happens.
I didn't have to wait long, as it turned out ... the following day, Fernymoss called me from work and asked me: "You know that little dog we were looking at last night? How serious are you about seeing if we can adopt her?" I laughed and replied: "Serious enough to have spent the time filling out the adoption application last night!" Sometimes even our sporadically great minds think alike!

A little later I was contacted by Hanna's foster mom (and rescuer from the pound), with whom I had a very nice conversation about possibly adopting her. I explained our circumstances and said that we hadn't really intended to adopt so soon, but that she had already stolen our hearts, or at least attention! I said we were quite serious about at least giving her their standard "2 week trial home stay" and if she was willing, we'd love to meet her as soon as possible. As it turned out, little Hanna was suffering with a mild case of kennel cough (that seems to be going around all over in the kennels right now) and that she still had a week to complete her course of antibiotics, but she would likely be ready to come up January 18. I talked to her a few more times in between now and then, as we worked out more of the details and questions ... I tell you, the waiting between January 7 (our first contact) and today was excruciatingly interminable! I think it was even worse for Fernymoss than I (though I was exceedingly antsy!), but I was more than willing for the right time for her to come and see if she'd like living at Casa IVG ... she's such a unique little girl (part Corgi-Jack Russell Terrier), she was more than worth the wait!

The wait finally ended late this afternoon, as Hanna and her foster mom rolled into the drive, provoking cries from Fernymoss of "She's Here! She's HERE!!!" While everyone got acquainted (her foster mom is a lovely person, btw!), Hanna quickly discovered our somewhat limited supply of squeaky toys and set about playing, jumping up and down and generally making herself quite at home! After we took care of all the necessary paperwork, her foster mom took off back to Kansas City, and we began to get to know our new little girl, and boy, is she a honey! Lots of puppy kisses, playing and exploring the various rooms of the house, all totally new and intriguing territory for her, obviously....

She definitely loves her squeaky toys, and I can see that she's going to keep us busy finding her new ones ... here she is positively demolishing one of Pepa's old toys, the evil stuffed squirrel, and after a while we decided we should take the plushie squeakies away from her, because we are afraid she'll ingest some of the stuffing, but I remembered some old rubber squeakies people had given us in the past (Pepa and Rolly appreciated the gifts, but never quite got into them) that were stored away down in the basement ... so I pulled all the good ones and gave them a try, then brought them upstairs. Fernymoss said that she had heard me squeaking them downstairs and was checking out all the registers trying to figure out where the noise was coming from, lol. So, when I returned, I regaled her with a veritable bonanza of toys which kept her quite busy and active for a good amount of time ... enough that she seems to have forgotten the plushies and is having fun playing with these rubber ones.
Though she's only been here a little over six hours, she's already brought such a positive and energetic change to our lives and household ... we're honored to have her here and are sure she will make a wonderful new addition to our pack (even the ones who are now gone, but who watch over the house).
I have to admit, I expected her to be bigger than she turned out to be, but no matter what size, she is positively adorable and very bright ... and for a puppy of about 8 months old, she's remarkably obedient and polite ... at least so far! She clearly wants to please and have fun, and we're right on board with that, even though we're going to need to work with her on a few puppy issues (boundaries mostly), she's astonishingly mature for a dog her age. Though she clearly has the Corgi body, she really favors the Jack Russell Terrier more, and she's got the terrier vim and vigor and big dog attitude nailed down already. Just the thing to warm any terrier lover's heart and bring a great sense of pride and joy to have such an inquisitive, energetic and sweet pup in the house!

So, a new pup era begins here at Casa IVG, and though we still miss Pepa and Rolly very much, Hanna is not intended to be a replacement for them, no ... she is a follower in their very big paw prints, and with time, we already think she's going to fill them admirably and spend many good years here with us. We're hoping she enjoys them as much as we think we are going to! She's already been on a walk around the neighborhood tonight to get acquainted with the smells and sights and sounds ... and she's clearly fascinated by the different sounds around the house (the furnace kicking in, the refrigerator running, etc.), so it's going to take a little time for her to adjust to her new surroundings, but she already seems very comfortable here and is, as I write, napping with Fernymoss on the couch downstairs. It's so quiet that I know that's where she is (as she was a bit earlier before I began this post) ... She had a very big day! After a 3+ hour drive up here, and all the stimulation and playing she had earlier, even she, the terrier, seems ready to settle down and recharge! And boy, will she recharge, I'm sure! As active as Pepa was (even toward the end), it's been a while since we've had such energy loose in the house ... and we're loving every minute of it!

Aaron, Fernymoss' brother (the vet) told me when I first discovered her and sent her link to him, that he thought it was probably a good idea for us to adopt now, to ease the pain of our losses and refocus our energies ... therapy, if you will. He referred to the "Jedi doggie magic" another pup can exert on grieving people, and if tonight's been any indication, she's really working the magic well! This is a very happy day here at our house, and as we hurtle toward the Obama inauguration, we feel so privileged to have such a positive little honey ushering in the new era with us! It truly does seem like we've turned the page definitively on a very sad 2008 and we are advancing into the challenges of a better 2009, and she'll be along for every joyous step of the ride.

So, regular, faithful readers who have offered us so much consolation and very kind thoughts since we lost our precious pair of devoted friends, what do you think? She's definitely got "Queen" potential (if Pepa is willing to relinquish her crown ... as I think she would), don't you think?


Roses and Lilacs said...

Congratulations on your new family member. What a cutie she is. Love the ear up/ear down look, such a charmer.

I took an online look at cats at our local shelter last Fri. There was one who looked very much like Voodoo. I can't seem to get her out of my thoughts but perhaps getting one that looks so familiar isn't a good idea. I wood expect her to act like my old friend and maybe be disappointed when she didn't.

Annie in Austin said...

How cool, IVG & Fernymoss! Even before I got to the end of your post the thought occurred that the timing of her arrival was perfect for a hopeful new start - and see you had the same thought.

The name 'Tara' did make me smile - that's the name of Yolanda Elizabet's young pup at her Dutch garden blog. Is everyone in Scarlet O'Hara mode? Maybe you should spell it Terra, so she'll be a gardener right from the beginning ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

boran2 said...

She looks like a real sweetie! Good luck with her, IVG!

FARfetched said...

Hi Hanna!

Oboy, a Jack Russell Terror mix! Looks like you'll have your happy hands full… Sounds like she's fitting in quickly, which is always good.

Annie in Austin said...

Ooops - just realized Hanna is the pup's name and TARA is the organization.


Janet said...

Jedi Doggie Magic. YES!!!!!

Pepa and Rollie did a great job of ushering in a newbie for ya.

Hannah needed a good home and instead she will have a great home and a wonderful life with both of you.

I was reading this out to my daughter and she reached over and touched your avatar of Pepa. Typing with tears in my eyes because I'm just so happy that now you two, and three, can heal and mend. Sorry, I'm just a great big emotional moose puppy tonight.

Yes, it's a new beginning in so many ways. I'm glad I get to be in on the "training" :)

She does look a bit smaller than the first photo of the webpage you shared earlier. But I think she's perfect. Glad she's a snugglebunny. You guys deserve each other!!!!

And we want more photos in the next following weeks :)

(((Pepa & Rollie the Smiler)))))) Good dogs. Very very very good dogs. They both did very well in paving the way for Hannah... and you two.


Janet said...

Danni just reminded me that our rescue kitty, "Kitty" was also a last adoption. She was 9 months old when we finally got her. She'd been in four fosters since her birth in an abandoned trailer where some "humans" were breeding cats to use for training attack dogs.

Kitty is a black cat and for some insane reason black cats are hard to place. We couldn't believe our luck that we got her. Why no one wanted her is beyond us. She's been the best cat ever. She's almost ten years old now.

She's suchagood kitty.

To the woman who posted above about Voodoo cat. It's okay to get a cat that looks like another one you lost. Just the fact that you are thinking of her means she is wanting you to come get her. :)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Marnie,
We're still amazed at our good fortune at being able to adopt this joyous little pup! She definitely has the lively personality in spades and plenty of love to share.

I know what you mean about Voodoo ... right after Pepa died, the local Rescue League had a terrier puppy who was a total ringer for Pepa. I was so sorely tempted to at least go and visit her, but it was much too soon. As it turned out, it didn't matter, because she was adopted in just 2 days, but I still wondered about her. I know the temptation, believe me ... Maybe if look at some cats that share some of the general characteristics of Voodoo but not a look alike. We wanted a "Pepa Type" dog and that's what helped us narrow down the choice, and a JRT is close enough, but different enough too... just a thought!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Annie!
We're still ecstatic about having this little jewel join our family ... and she'll definitely be around to keep nipping at Obama's heels if he starts to go the wrong way!

No problem about the TARA confusion ... actually if you go there, you'll see the origin of the acronym really refers to a young woman who died, but who was instrumental in the organization. They have some really good people volunteering there, that's clear and they're very active in the Kansas City area. I'd recommend them to anyone within the area (we're kind of skirting it a bit because we're 3 hrs away) wanting to adopt a nice animal.

The whole process with Hanna's foster mom was long, but well worth it, because we got such a wonderful little girl in the end, so patience was rewarded!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey B2!
We're loving every minute so far, even though she still needs to learn some manners, but that will come eventually, because she's so bright and sooo wants to please and be loved.

Any time you want to do a doggie portrait, let me know...! :-)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey FAR,
Oh yes, we know quite well what having a terrier is all about ... most of the dogs I've had in my life have been at lease part terrier. But she's just the right age to nip all the bad stuff in the bud and we can train her to be a true little lady. Pepa came around when she was younger, and she rarely forgot her training and Hanna's got tons of time to learn!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey Janet!
I think they had a paw in this too... as did Coco, since they both visited me in my dreams about this.

No need to apologize for tears ... there have been plenty shed here in the past couple of months, and I still tear up when I think of Pepa, and I always will ... the joy that was her life and the little things that I am noticing in Hanna that remind me of her. Those are at least smiling tears!!

Yes, Pepa and Rolly really were very very VERY good dogs and I'd like to think they'll enjoy knowing she's running around in the back yard, keeping their territory protected!

Your story about Kitty is just another example of how giving the right animal the chance can enrich our lives so much. One more reason puppy/kitty mills should be outlawed and even the responsible breeders should probably have to be licensed. And don't forget to spay or neuter! Aaron, Fernymoss' vet brother says that beside preventing over population, it adds a good 3-5 years to the animal's life! Nuff said there!

Big hugz to you and Danni and Kitty! {{{{{{{{{{Janet}}}}}}}}}}

Gail said...

Dear Fernymoss and IVG,

You're company arrived. She is beautiful! I am so very glad she has brought energy and joy into your house. Pepa and Rollie are loving her, too.

I look forward to many Hannah adventures.


Shady Gardener said...

IVG, She's a bright, intelligent little dog and you will have a wonderful future together. I'm so happy for you all! Congratulations! :::-)))

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey Gail,
We're already seeing some common traits coming out and are just thrilled ... I'd forgotten how much fun playing with a lively pup can be!

She's settling right in and getting used to the new sounds of this house, the traffic, other dogs ... it's all new an exciting for her!

We're loving it and her!


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Shady!
This little gal is all that and more! I can't believe it's barely been 4 days and it seems like she's always belonged here ... She got a long walk up and down the street tonight (she's only been in the opposite direction before) so she got to experience more of the sights and smells of the neighborhood ... she had a ball.

Thanks for the congrats and stopping by!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

She is so cute! Congratulations on your new puppy. You guys made the right decision. You wouldn't have been looking if, deep down, you weren't ready. I hope you all have many happy years together.
Over the weekend I went with my family to see the movie "Hotel for Dogs." Even though it's a kids' movie, it was wonderful to see a film that celebrates shelter dogs and dogs with behaviour problems (it even had an amputee dog). I again commend you on adopting a shelter dog. The best dog I ever had was from a shelter (and yes, I'm sure she had some terrier in her).

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

She really stole our hearts when I found her webpage via PetFinder, and unbeknownst to Fernymoss, I filled out an application that very night, just to see what would happen. I think you're probably right ... deep down we were ready and then with the dreams from Coco and Pepa it just firmed up my resolve to do my best to have her come live with us.

I have to admit I've been tempted by that movie (I'm a sucker for dog movies ... I even watched "Underdog!")... not sure I could refrain from being too critical, but the previews made it look fun!

Shelter dogs are the only way to go, IMHO. Both Coco and Pepa came from shelters, and often the most interesting mixes (best of both worlds!) come from shelters! They're the best!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I am out catching up on my blogs after the whirl wind holidays and whatever else has been keeping me so busy. I was saddened to read of your loss of Rolly and Pepa so close together! But so glad to see you have another fur baby in your life! She is a honey.

My sweet Rosie had surgery for hip dyplasia on Jan 30, I was very upset by the whole thing, she has it in both hips, the other one will be done in a couple of months after this one heals. She is doing well but it was rough for awhile.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Nice to see you out and about again ... it's always great to see you stop by our humble spot.

I was so sorry to hear that Rosie had to have that surgery, and so soon in her life! I certainly hope that the surgery will be successful when all is said and done, but that sure sounds like it was a stressful time for you all. We send all out best wishes for a speedy recovery and hugs and puppy kisses! PS... Hanna says Rosie needs a little treat right about now....

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