Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Late Afternoon Crocus Glow

This little patch of Golden Snow Crocus has been happily naturalizing over the past two or three years, the result of me having had a few extras who needed a home when we planted them a few years ago ... so I just popped them into some of the grass along the sidewalk and just let them go. I think I only originally planted two or three bulbs and now look at them! So far this Spring I've noticed that the crocus already up and blooming have definitely increased their areal coverage since last year, precisely what we intended all along. And if I had my way, I'd buy hundreds of these tough little bulbs and let them take over the entire yard, along with the Siberian Squill (yet to appear), hoping to eventually carpet the everything with a bright spring show of gold and blue ... ah, a guy can dream can't he?

Stay tuned for more crocus to come ... I noticed today that the first of the purples have opened, but by the time I got out in late afternoon, they had closed up shop for the day, just as these golden ones were in the process of closing when I finally got out at about 5:30 or so ... finally, the benefit of the longer days (and daylight savings time) is starting to pay dividends!

Photo taken 25 March, 2008


olivia said...

You have flowers! Growing outside! :D

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Yep, Olivia, they're trying! Just a little setback today (see new post), but they'll be fine in the long run. The primroses still look mighty ragged, but they're green and poised for better weather to show off their beautiful stuff! I can't wait (for the cam) them! Thanks again for the recent advice on getting the new cam!