Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Calendars and More Caucus News ...

First off, some disappointing news reported by The Nation regarding Kucinich's announcement today backing Obama as his recommended choice for the second count. See if you can find the annoying verbiage in this paragraph:

The arcane rules of the Iowa caucus require a candidate to receive 15 percent of the vote at a given caucus location in order to qualify for delegates. After the first round of voting, supporters of candidates who are not "viable" can choose their second, top tier choice. In '04 Kucinich urged his supporters, in a surprising move, to back John Edwards, helping to boost his margin in liberal areas. Edwards has moved to the left since then, yet this time Kucinich went with Obama. "Sen. Obamaand I have one thing in common: Change," Kucinich said in a press release today.

This just goes to prove my point from the post last night ... even
The Nation persists in using this annoying language! Makes me want to pull what's left of my hair out in frustration! Oh well, it will be over in two days and I can wait another four years to hear this claptrap make its comeback ... Maybe by then they'll have wised up ... yeah right!

Actually I wanted to show off the new calendar Fernymoss and the pups got me for Christmas ... We're going to put it on the dining room table and work our way through it one day at a time. I read recently that this was one of the top-selling calendars this season, so I know I'm in lots of good company owning it! I may even include some excerpts here if we find something particularly juicy (and I'm sure we will). All I can say is that I look forward to it getting skinnier and skinnier and skinnier ....

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