Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Harvey, Pepa and the Mammoth Castors

Just a few quick shots of Queen SkelePepa and her friend Harvey, posing late this afternoon by the Mammoth Castors in the back yard ... all ready for the trick or treaters soon to arrive! The poor kids here only have a window of opportunity from 6-8 p.m. so this will be an abbreviated, photos only post for now!

Now who ever said IVG didn't like bunnies? Pepa likes this one and so do I!

Well, this is an update of sorts ... I tried to upload the photos to Blogger hours ago, but it was acting up at the time. So here they are, after the fact, as it were.

Trick or treat blogging will follow shortly!


Family Man said...


Harvey, Pepa and the Mammoth Castors look good. That's one big castor tree? Knowing of your love for squirrels, I thought you would have a squirrel mask on. :)

olivia said...

Harvey! ROFL ... too funny.